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PDOCrud is an advanced PHP-based CRUD application that allows users to build powerful CRM, web application, and forms quickly and easily. It supports MySQL, Pgsql, and Sqlite databases and can generate both the frontend and backend of an application. With just 2-3 lines of code, users can perform insert, update, delete, and select operations. Form fields are generated based on the data type, and users can remove, change the type of fields, and perform various types of customization.

Version 6.1 is now available with PHP 8 compatibility and many new features. Users can build forms directly from database tables in seconds by writing 2-3 lines of code. The script manages basic operations, such as insert, update, delete, and read database tables operations. The script also allows users to customize the table and form data in various ways.

PDOCrud has various features, including easy syntax, user access management, nested tables, left join operation, auto generation of insert/update forms, label name and hide label, field removal, field type, display order, and more. It also supports ajax-based submission, field encryption, field addons, field descriptions, tooltips, and more.

Version 5.2 is under progress, with more features being added as needed. The application has been updated with PHP 8 support, a new plugin emojionarea, functional documentation, and bug fixes.

Version 4.5 of Pdocrud has introduced several updates, including a dynamic invoice feature, a JavaScript-based dynamic field calculation feature, a percentage option in tableColAddition(), and a new field type, jQuery spinner. The update also introduced a new way to perform complex where condition, where condition and order by in fieldDataBinding function, and auto set of key field in multi table relation.

Version 4.1 fixed a small bug related to email with insert data and related data. Version 4.0 added related data features, fielddatabinding(), and the ability to combine two or more columns in the display value. The update also fixed a bug related to multiselect and attribute.

Version 3.8 fixed a bug related to select form. Version 3.7 added the option to load template js and CSS files, and the plugin summernote wysisyg editor. Finally, Version 3.6 introduced Google Chart features with various chart types and CRUD Bulk update now supports more html elements like select and textarea fields. It is recommended to take a complete backup before upgrading.

The Pdocrud plugin has been updated with several features, including autosuggest, reset form options, quick view of data, field types, encryption methods, placeholder settings, and functions to set records per page list. The plugin also introduced plugin bootstrap tags, password strength, vertical timeline, rate it, and input mask. The plugin also introduced export database functions, btn switch to trigger demos, and fixed lost password bugs.

The plugin also introduced a new function editFormFields, allowing separate form fields for edit and insert forms. It also added a function to check duplicate records before inserting. The plugin also added bootstrap4 template, but the admin theme has bootstrap3.

The plugin also introduced complete user access management functionality, clone row options, max and min date options, callback functions, and fixed enqueue button actions multiple url actions. The plugin also added a pure bootstrap template that can be customized further.

The plugin also introduced year-wise, month-wise, and day-wise report buttons to generate table data based on the date range. The plugin also improved filters, hiding form buttons, and changing column display order.

In summary, the Pdocrud plugin has been updated with several features, including autosuggest, reset form options, quick view of data, and improvements in overall view sections.

Version 2.5 of the plugin includes several improvements, including the View Form formmatting options, uploading multiple files, and a new file control for selecting and editing files. It also includes a formula function for modifying fields before inserting or updating. French translations have been provided by user “wazkero”. The plugin also includes a direct function for forgot password, trigger insert/update/delete operations in other tables, left side action buttons display, and jQuery data table plugin for efficient display of SQL render data. The plugin also includes date range/time range/datetime range search, and more callback events in insert and update.

Version 2.3 includes a portfolio section for auto-generating portfolio-like format directly from the database, tags type field, improved login management, and additional options for column selection. The plugin also addresses small bugs related to table column formatting and search.

Version 2.1 adds more options to format table columns, fixes small bugs related to responsive design, and fixes bugs related to SQLite. The plugin also includes nested tables, nested table in tabs, and a plugin ckeditor. The plugin also includes advanced filter options, a popup form, and more plugins. The plugin also includes recaptcha support, hidden fields, custom action buttons, column switch operation, and more. The plugin also includes additional skins, French language translations, and more JS plugins.


PDO Crud Nulled Script Create robust CRM, online applications, and forms quickly with PDOCrud – a new version that supports PHP 8 has been launched.
PDO Crud: A sophisticated PHP CRUD application (with Form Builder and Database Management) – 1 PDOCrud is a sophisticated PHP CRUD application. Sqlite, Pgsql, and Mysql databases are supported. PDOCrud may be used to produce your application’s front end and back end.
It simply takes two to three lines of code to do insert, update, delete, and select actions. All you have to do is call the render method for that table after creating an object, and the rest will be produced automatically. The data type will determine which form fields are produced. Fields may be added, removed, or have their kinds changed, among other modification options.

Demo URL
PDO Crud Nulled Script URL for documentation
Essential Information
YouTube – How to create a web application with PDOCrud in a matter of minutes
Display of many functions
Installing and configuring quickly
Develop backend admin applications quickly using PDO CRUD tutorial
Tutorial on role-based access control and user login

With numerous new features and support with PHP 8, version 6.1 is now available. Check out right now
With only two or three lines of code, you can create forms straight from database tables in a matter of seconds. The script handles all insert, update, delete, and view code management.
Scripting capabilities
Insert, update, delete, and read database table activities require writing several lines of code in almost every online application. This task is completed by the PDOCrud script with only two lines of code. This will do numerous operations, such as pagination, records per page, search, and others, in addition to adding, editing, updating, and deleting fundamental activities. In addition to this, you may write a few simple lines of code to alter the table and form data in numerous ways according to your needs. In addition, other JavaScript plugins are introduced to aid in doing numerous more tasks. The script has a ton of features that make development easier. The script makes it easy to create backend content management systems and basic web apps.

PDO Crud Nulled Script An example of code
PDOCrud explanation
PDOCrud uses PDOCrud to create forms in a minute.
Key characteristics of PDOCrud PDOCrud primary aspects
PDOCrud inline modification
PDOCrud files are uploaded
PDOCrud begins to function
PDOCrud add-ons
PDOCrud exteriors
The PDOCrud multilingual
PDOCrud’s varied roles
Just two lines of code and a very simple syntax are required for the basic tasks.
Create forms straight from a database.
Management of user access
Support for nested tables and nested tables in tabs
Supports remaining to complete the procedure
automatically creating insert/update forms from database tables
Modify the label’s name and conceal it.
Eliminate fields, Display certain fields, Modify field type, and quickly alter field display order
Numerous widely used plugins integrated
Pop-up window
Multiple-step format
Export form data to Excel, CSV, XML, and PDF formats.
Callback methods for JavaScript and PHP
Submission using Ajax
Static field additions, such as terms and conditions and password confirmation
Validations in PHP and JS
Different configurations and options
Frontend field encryption
Tooltips, field descriptions, and field addons
several kinds of template support; bootstrap is used by default
JS and CSS should be queued.
Easily add additional plugins
There are several kind of fields accessible.
support for several languages
Data binding of a field from a different array or table
load-dependent data when a field is changed, such as the nation or state
Available form types include normal, horizontal, and inline.
Include many data attributes and a CSS class.
RTL support via incorporating external CSS
PHP-based Captcha support with Recaptcha
Support for Google Maps
Option to swap columns
Create more action buttons.
Execute tasks pertaining to raw databases.
Simply add the filter(where) condition.
Download and save as a CSV, Excel, or PDF.
Look for every field and any specific field.
Option to erase several times
Quick loading via Ajax
Best practices that are simple to modify
Login (Select) validations for forms
Different picture functions (watermark, flip, resize, crop, and thumbnail)
Bulk data import from Excel, XML, and CSV files
A single page template that displays the Form and Crud Table together
Option for an advanced filter
Email form data with several template customization choices
Create charts and graphs straight from the database (beta)
SQL Server 2012 or later is supported.
Create a portfolio format straight out of a database.
Formula function added to change fields before inserting or updating
Database export
Spreadsheet-like manipulation of individual table cells
PDO Crud: A PHP CRUD application with Form Builder and Database Management that is Advanced – 2
PDOCrud WordPress Plugin
PDO Crud: A PHP CRUD application with Form Builder and Database Management that is Advanced – 3
Work is ongoing on version 5.2. Send me an email with the features you need, please. I want to thank everyone for their amazing support. We have been adding features ever since we received your positive review and comments. 🙂

Following the introduction of the next edition, prices will rise.

Version specifics
Version 5.1

Support for PHP 8 was added.
A new function has been added to the buttons to apply where conditions
a bug was fixed
Version 4.8

Emojionarea is a new plugin that has been added (demo https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-emojionearea).
updated functional documentation
an issue pertaining to the relevant data was fixed
Version 4.7

1. Added a new plugin (demo https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-password) with the ability to display or conceal the password icon.
2. “Enable” and “disable” are two new features added to field condition logic.
Resolved an issue with the single page
an issue pertaining to the field condition logic was fixed
Version 4.6

1. fixed a relation-related bug
Version 4.5: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config and js files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Use the invoice calculation tool (https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/dynamic-invoice) as a demo.
A dynamic field calculation functionality based on JavaScript has been added (demo: https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/dynamic-js-actions).
Addition of a tcpdf object get option
Added the ability to examine related data as well.
“Percentage” option was added to tableColAddition()
Version 4.4: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config and js files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Added CSS classes for bootstrap 4 to the bootstrap 4 template
To create dynamic columns, a Subquery option was added (demo: https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/subselect-sql).
Addition of a tcpdf object get option
Jquery spinner was added as a new field type with field type = “spinner.”
Version 4.3: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config and js files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Field computation with Ajax (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/ajax-actions )
Use the example at http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/calculate-field-based-on-another-field-dynamically to dynamically compute the value of a field depending on other fields.
FormFieldValue now has the ability to fully conceal fields (demo https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/set-field-value).
In the associated data function, wherein and order by were added. https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/related-data is the demo page.
An additional option to designate a field as “not required” (demo https://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/field-not-required) has been added.
In the “view” operation, tableheading and operation text were added.
An additional search textbox option
Version 4.2: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config and js files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
The sophisticated where condition may now be performed in a new method (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/where-condition ).
In the fieldDataBinding function, where condition and order by were added. Field data binding demo: http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages
Key field auto-set in multi-table relationships (nested tables). Demonstration available at http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/multi-table-relation
Version 4.1: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config and js files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
BugFixed: A minor issue with email insert data and associated data was resolved.
Version 4.0: Make sure to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config, js, and template files.

New feature: You may now get data straight from another table and a dropdown list if your primary table has fields connected to another table (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/related-data ).
fielddatabinding() – Now, you can execute queries to directly produce field data by passing a valid select query (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/field-data-binding )
fielddatabinding() — As of right now, the display value may include two or more columns. (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/field-data-binding )
A feature to automatically convert the MySQL “SET” data type in multiselect fields has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/SET-Column-type ).
The setSkin method has changed; you may now apply several skins simultaneously by giving them as an array.
For file upload control, an image display option has been added to the edit form.
The grid rows’ on-hover effect (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/on-hover)
BugFixed: Select form-related problem fixed
Version 3.8: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config, js, and template files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
BugFixed: Multiselect and attribute-related problem fixed
Version 3.7: Make sure to clear your cache since there have been changes to the config, js, and template files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
A choice to load the template js and css files or not has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/loading-template-js-css ).
Similar to excel cell editing, a tool for modifying a single table has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/table-cell-editing ).
Wysisyg editor plugin (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-summernote) has been added.
BugFixed: Select form-related problem fixed
Version 3.6: Make careful to clear your cache since there have been changes to the language, config, js, and template files.

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Multiple chart kinds are now available with the added Google Chart functionality (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/google-chart ).
More HTML elements, such as textareas and select fields, are now supported by CRUD Bulk Update (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/crud-table-bulk-update ).
The search box now has autosuggest functionality (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/autosuggestion ).
In order to replicate the “insert and new” effect on form fields after submission, a reset form option has been added to the configuration (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/reset-form ).
The table/grid row click now includes a rapid view of the data (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/quick-table-view ).
“Rateit” and “range” field types were introduced, along with the “rateit” column type (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-rateit )
Input type=’password’ now has an option to choose the encryption technique (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/password-encryption ).
Settings for the placeholder to display by default when input type is set to “text” have been added (demo: http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/placeholder).
Record-per-page list functionality has been added (see the sample at http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/large-table-data).
Options to display or conceal the “back” and “Save and back” buttons on the settings page
Design Enhancements
(demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-bootstrap-tag-input) Added plugin bootstrap tags input
(demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-pwstrength) Added plugin bootstrap password strength
A vertical timeline plugin has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-vertical-timeline ).
Plugin Rate It has been added (demo: http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-rateit).
(demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/plugin-input-mask) Added plugin input mask
BugFixed: An inner join problem was fixed.
Version 3.5: (config file modifications)

BugFixed: The set search columns demo (http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/set-search-cols) no longer has a bug.
Version 3.4: (config file modifications)

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Database export functionality has been added (demo: http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/export-db).
Demo now includes a btn switch with a trigger (http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/btn-switch-with-trigger).
BugFixed: Fixed issue with forgotten passwords
Version 3.3: (config file modifications)

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
To enable independent form fields for editing and inserting forms, a new function called editFormFields has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/form-fields).
Pre-insert duplicate record checking functionality has been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/check-duplicate-before-insert).
Added bootstrap4 template; however, because our admin theme uses bootstrap3, it is incompatible with the added template.
MaxSize parameter size increase
Fixed: Auto-insert key for multitable relations
Version 3.2: (config file modifications)

Before upgrading, please make a full backup. (Make sure to clear the cache after updating.)
Complete user access management capability has been added, allowing for easy control of user logins (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/user-login-management)
To insert rows more quickly, a clone row option was added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/clone-rows).
Max has been added. min. date that may be selected using the date picker by adjusting the value in the configuration file.
Numerous callback functions were added.
Enqueue Button Action multiple url action repaired, bug fixed.
Version 3.1: (config file modifications)

Before updating, please make a full backup.
Added the ability to map a static field (field-database-mapping demo at http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages) to a database field.
Enum field has been added to the choose field’s auto convert feature (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/enum-field).
To create a new table column dynamically depending on the values of two columns, subtraction and multiplication were added (http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/table-col-add-col)
enhanced functionality of the inner join
BugFixed: Due to modifications in PHP version 7.2, the warning message for count was fixed.
Version specifics
Version 3.0: (config file modifications)

Before updating, please make a full backup.
Big change: The purchase code has to be entered in the configuration file. The location of your purchase code may be found here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code. If you’re having trouble inputting your purchase information, please email us right away using the information on your profile page.
Added a simple bootstrap template that may be further altered to suit needs. Demonstration available at http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/template-selection
In addition to the add button, there is now a way to put action buttons on top. http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/action-button-top is the demo page.
To produce the table data depending on the date range, year, month, and day report buttons have been added (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/date-range-report ).
The dbOrderBy method allows you to provide an array of columns in the desired order (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/order-by)
User Patrick contributed the code for the column display order reorder (demo http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/column-reorder).
Bug Fixed: Multiple button problem on one page template page fixed.
Fixed: The where condition was being ignored while searching for all columns. It has been settled.
Version 2.6: For further information, see the readme.text file.

enhanced portion for overall view
View forms now include tabs and multiple table relationships.
A sidebar option was added to the edit and view forms, emulating the layout of many admin themes’ profile pages.
Better filters: you can now configure them to act as an operator, much like a search.
The ability to conceal form buttons
Added ability to modify the export/print’s label (column header).
Resolved: An outdated Excel library was causing the Excel export to malfunction; after upgrading the library, the export is now functioning correctly.
Version 3.5

View Form formmatting options akin to tableColFormatting have been added.
An additional file upload option
To choose and modify files, a new file control has been added. Edit form additionally includes file url.
A formula function to edit fields before to inserting or updating was added. Callback functions may be used to do this more quickly.
Additional date support null value.
French translations have been added, courtesy to user “wazkero.”
enhanced verification
Fixed: Pgsql problem was fixed.
Version 2.4 (please update since there have been changes to the language and configuration files)

A straight password-forget feature has been added.
Added a trigger for inserting, updating, and deleting data in a different table depending on a primary table action
Added visibility of the left side action buttons.
Added jQuery data table plugin to improve the efficiency of SQL render data presentation.
By configuring the search column type, you may now pass from and to dates in the search. Date range, time range, and datetime range searches have been added.
Modifications to the SQL Render Function: pagination, records per page, and total records shown by default were eliminated.
Additional callback events (after_insert and after_update) have been added to insert and update.
Repaired: The URL addition’s double slashes were eliminated.
Resolved: minor error in the SQL render function for export/printing
Version 2.3 (please update since there have been modifications to the configuration file)

Added a new area for portfolios to automatically create portfolio-like formats from databases.
Type field for tags was added (fieldtype = tags)
substantially enhanced login management with the addition of redirection only upon successful login, etc.
A delete and edit button has been added to the display, and there is a hide/show option for each button.
An additional option to set the view form’s columns has been added.
Fixed a minor formatting error in a table column.
Small search-related problem fixed.
Version 2.2

Support for SQL Server was added ( >= 2012)
Added charts and graphs using both plugins and straight code
Added ability to replace configuration with a file upload/download folder
Additional plugins were added
Fixed a minor issue with the inline edit position when the id and checkbox columns are obscured.
fixed a tiny sqlite-related problem
Version 2.1

Expand the format table column choices.
resolved a minor responsive design problem
repaired a sqlite-related issue
Version Two

Nestled tables and nested tables in tabs have been added.
Added the ckeditor plugin
Version 1.9

To directly alter values in the crud table, a bulk data update procedure has been added.
Bulk data import from CSV, XML, and Excel files is now possible.
To get the data from these files in an array format, the functions csvToArray(), excelToArray(), and xmlToArray() have been added.
sumTotal and sumPerPage methods were added.
additional form components have been added, such as a slider and a range picker; at the moment, one element per page works.
Added a search operator with the default ‘=’ operation to search with ‘like’, ‘>’, ‘>=’, ‘\’, ‘=\’, and so on.
To display the Form and Crud Table on a single page, a one-page template was added.
Many image functions (crop, resize, thumbnail, watermark, flip) have been added.
Version 1.8

An option for an advanced filter has been introduced.
Added ability to designate column data from an array or column in another table
present is now a button click option to open and modify forms immediately in a popup window (direct popup form was always present).
A new column action url method that uses the main key to reroute to another page has been added.
More choices (date, string, and numeric formatting) have been added to format table columns.
Added more jQuery date picker parameter choices
problem fix: In the PDOModel section, a sqlite-related problem was fixed.
Version 1.7

Change the URL after submitting the form.
Use conditional logic to show or conceal fields (this only applies to database fields).
Version 1.6

Additional plugins were added
The stored picture url will now include the image upload path.
Email form data with several template customization choices
Version 1.5.5

Recaptcha assistance
Adding hidden fields and saving against certain columns is an option.
Custom action button customization is now possible.
Fixing a select action hook data bug
Version 1.4

Operation of a column switch added
An additional option to display left join data in the view
Added many demo forms
Additional plugins have been added.
corrected a join operation bug
Version 1.3

An ability to add a URL to columns has been added.
There is now PDOModel class support.
Fixed a pagination-related problem
Additional examples were added
Version 1.2

Additional skins were added
Additional translations into French
Added a few additional JavaScript plugins
Version 1.1

first publication
Minimum requirements for the script
PHP versions 5.3 and above
For the download folder, write access is required.



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