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WooCommerce offers a Measurement Price Calculator plugin that allows users to add a calculator to their product pages to help customers determine the amount of product needed, the total price per square foot, and more. This tool allows users to list items by unit cost or let customers enter their own quantities. The plugin allows for the setting of defined measurements per item, making it easier to sell items like tiles and wallpaper. The Measurement Price Calculator can also be used to specify the unit of measurement, such as per square foot or cubic yard. The plugin also supports inventory management, product weight, and pricing tables and calculators. The plugin also allows users to create price and measurement labels, and allows customers to submit their measurements. The plugin also supports variable items for inventory, shipping weight, and per-unit price.

The Measurement Price Calculator is a powerful tool for WooCommerce that allows users to configure both quantity-based and user-defined calculator modes. The quantity-based calculator allows users to input dimensions like length and breadth, while the user-defined calculator allows for bespoke sizes and per-unit pricing. The plugin also supports inventory management by unit for goods with user-defined sizes, allowing tracking of product quantities. The pricing table function allows users to set a measurement range, unit price, or selling price per unit, and the tool will handle the rest. The plugin also offers a pricing table function, allowing users to display available prices on the frontend. The plugin allows users to personalize product calculators to match their range of products, such as dimensions, area, surface area, perimeter, volume, or weight. To use the calculator, simply purchase the add-on, set the desired dimensions in WooCommerce’s Settings > Products, and ensure that any items using the calculator have their product data updated on the Product Page under Measurement. SkyVerge’s extensions are of the best quality, ensuring the success of your WooCommerce shop.

Measurement Price Calculator nulled plugin

You may add a calculator to your product pages so customers can easily determine the amount of product needed, the total price per square foot, and more.

Use the measurement price calculator to list items by unit cost or let customers enter their own quantities.
While WooCommerce makes it simple to sell things like t-shirts and phone cases, many of us also sell flooring, wallpaper, and other items that don’t come in numbers of “1.” You may have had trouble establishing prices and quantities for certain goods; the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator can fix that.

If your WooCommerce items are sold in quantity based on their measurements, square footage, volume, or weight, you can add and customize a calculator for them with the Measurement Price Calculator plugin. Having a defined measurement per item makes it easy to sell. As an example, suppose you sell tile for $2.09/sq. ft. and you have two sizes of boxes available: one that covers 35 sq. ft. and another that covers 60 sq. ft. You can simply get the total price per box by entering the size of the box and using the same pricing per square foot.

Would you want to have clients estimate their own needs instead? One further way to sell things is by specifying the unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc.) using the Measurement Price Calculator. Maybe you charge a certain amount per cubic yard for mulch. To calculate the final price, you may ask the buyer to enter the area and depth of mulch, and the calculator will figure it out. Personalize the units and labels to fit your store’s requirements!

Features That Are Crucial
Make use of the amount calculator when dealing with items whose dimensions are known (for example, a box of tiles).
Products that are sold by the unit may be priced using the following tool: volume (as in garden mulch) or area (as in wallpaper) in feet, square meters, cubic yards, etc.
Shop and product page pricing may be shown per unit (e.g., “$1.75/ft” or “from $3/sq m”) if desired.
Support for pricing calculator inventory: “per unit” management of product inventory is possible.
Product weight may be specified or computed “per unit” for shipping purposes in the pricing calculator’s dynamic weight field.
Pricing tables and calculators: establish special pricing for products with basic dimensions.
Dimensional, area, surface area, volume, and weight calculators are all at your fingertips.
Simple inputs, such as length, breadth, and height entered separately, are accepted by surface area, volume, perimeter, and volume calculators.
Put in whatever number of units you choose.
Add a new overage estimate automatically when user-defined inputs are allowed.
Make your own price and measurement labels.
Customers may submit their measurements, and you can set the minimum and maximum values or the acceptable step or increment. brand new
Supported variable items for inventory, shipping weight, and per-unit price
Unique wallpaper sales tool: “Room Walls”

A few of the many options:
Tiles are offered in boxes that cover a certain area: sample
The customer specifies area and depth for variable mulch sales by cubic yard: demonstration
Yardage of colored fabric: sample
The demo uses room measurements to determine the wallpaper roll size.
Foam is offered in cubic foot quantities.
Garden boundary fencing
Pounds of coffee for sale
Comparing wrapping paper surfaces
And much more…
Two Different Calculator Modes, One Plugin
Both the quantity-based and user-defined calculator modes may be configured with this single plugin. Read the instructions carefully to figure out how to configure your items for each mode. Products having a fixed measurement, like a package of tile with a certain square footage, are perfect for the quantity-based calculator. On the front end, the calculator will be shown, asking the user to input dimensions like length and breadth. You can simply help your customers buy the minimal number of boxes depending on their floor space and the coverage of each box of tiles by setting the label and units to use:

The example picture shows that the plugin has the option to indicate the price “per unit,” which is typical for tile sales. The price per unit is calculated by dividing the product’s configuration size (e.g., the square foot coverage of the box of tiles) by the product’s price (e.g., one box of tiles). Dimensions, area, volume, or weight calculators, together with any combination of units and custom labels, are all at your disposal.

In contrast, you may offer things in bespoke sizes and with per-unit pricing in the user-defined calculator mode. Fabric sold by the foot, with the buyer providing the length, is an example of a product that may be personalized using this calculator. The customer’s inputted amount and the price per unit will be specified as price when the ‘Calculated Price’ option is activated.

Inventory Support and Pricing Calculator
New to this version of the plugin is the ability to manage inventory “by unit” for goods with user-defined sizes. By enabling this option, you may track product inventory in the same quantities as it is sold. Take fabric by the foot as an example. You may set up your product inventory so that it takes into account the number of available feet of fabric. For example, if a client purchases two 10-foot lengths, 20 feet of fabric will be taken from your inventory.
Calculator for Pricing with Dynamic Weight
Your user-defined calculator products may now have a weight “per unit” configured. To ensure accurate delivery costs for your clients’ personalized items, you may enable this option to define a weight per square foot, for example.
Price List
We are happy to announce the pricing table function, which is ideal for basic items whose costs change according to the item’s overall measurement. The measurement price calculator removes the restriction of having to use a single unit price for all of your pricing calculator goods; all you need to do is specify a measurement range, a unit price, or a selling price per unit, and the tool will handle the rest. As soon as the consumer changes the product size, the pricing will reflect that change on the product page.

Use this easy-to-implement shortcode on the product page or any other page that accepts shortcodes to show the available prices on the frontend. When consumers can see the discounts you’re offering, it encourages them to buy more. Looking for an easy spot to display this? What about using the premium Tab Manager to create a custom tab where you can display the pricing schedule?

Feel free to use any of the following calculators with any combination of units and custom labels: dimensions (length, width, height), area (simple area or length x width), surface area, perimeter, volume (simple volume, area x height, or length x width x height), or weight. With the Measurement Price Calculator, you may personalize product calculators to match your range of products!

The First Steps (in Less Than 5 Minutes)
Purchase this add-on.
Put it into your WooCommerce plugin shop after downloading.
Set the desired dimensions in WooCommerce’s Settings > Products.
For more setup recommendations, have a look at our manual.
Please ensure that any items that will be using the calculator have their product data updated on the Product Page under Measurement.
That’s all! Make use of measurements to automatically price things!
Would you want another justification to make a purchase? If you own a WooCommerce shop, you should know that the extensions created by SkyVerge are of the best quality. Buying our items will put your mind at ease since we care just as much about the success of your shop as you do.

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