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Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.3.1​

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The Inventory Management Module is a tool that optimizes the entire supply chain, from vendor placement to customer delivery. It includes features like product/service management, bulk import products, opening stock, barcode scanning, delivery note management, packing lists, shipping activity logs, internal delivery note management, loss & adjustment management, inventory transactions management, warehouse management, and reports. The module can be integrated into various systems like Perfex CRM, accounting and bookeeping, Omni Channel Sales, sales commission programs, and sales agents management. The support team is available to help with setup and activation.

Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script Brief description.
Inventory Management Module is a solution that helps you track items throughout your company’s supply chain. It optimizes the whole process, from order placing with your vendor to order fulfillment to your consumer, tracing a product’s full route. Businesses that monitor their products accurately may reduce waste, identify trends, and make smarter investment choices.


Inventory Management in Perfex CRM
Inventory Management in Perfex CRM
Inventory Management in Perfex CRM

YouTube Module Features
Product and Service Management: This feature inherits from Perfex CRM’s items and includes many extra extended properties such as product code, SKU, buy price, sub-group, photos, profit rate, selling price, warehouse, tag, barcode, product variation, styles, model, sizes, color, warranty, lengthy description,…
Bulk Import Products
Bulk import opening stock and print barcode labels.
Barcode Scanning
Inventory Receiving and Voucher Management
Delivery Note Management
Packing List Management
Shipping Activity Logs
Internal Delivery. Manage notes, losses, and adjustments.
Inventory Transaction Management
Warehouse Management Reports:
Stock Summary Report.
Inventory Analytics Valuation Report Settings:
General Settings: Minimum/Maximum Safety Stock
Sale Price Settings:
Product/Service Type Management.
Manage Product/Service Groups and Subgroups.
Product and Service Unit Management
Color Management
Model, Size, and Style Management.
Warehouse Custom Fields
Approval Process Management
Prefix Settings
Purchase Management with Perfex CRM
Accounting & Bookkeeping for Perfex CRM.
Omni Channel Sales for Perfex CRM.
Sales Commission Program for Perfex CRM.
Demo: Sales Agent Management with Perfex CRM.
Perfex CRM Inventory Management Demo

Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script If you don’t know how to upload and activate the module within Perfex CRM, the included documentation will show you how.

Our support staff is always here to assist. Feel free to submit a support ticket.
Guys from the support department will come back to you as soon as possible and guide you through any concerns.



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