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Global Gallery nulled plugin 8.8.1

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short description

Global Gallery nulled plugin is a versatile plugin designed to create dynamic, adaptable, searchable, and filtered galleries on any platform. It offers four different gallery layouts and seven different lightboxes, allowing users to create galleries with multiple design options and layouts. The plugin also features an SEO deeplink generator, map of images hosted independently, and Global functionality. It supports various image hosting platforms, including WordPress, Flickr, Pinterest, Google Drive, and Tumblr. The plugin also includes gallery functionality, including sliders, carousels, and picture galleries, and offers various features such as page breaks, push-buttons, and image captions. The plugin also includes a system for watermarking images, WEBP image support, and optimization for thumbnails. The plugin is fully fluid and can conform to any shape, and features a simple short-code generator, integration with WPBakery, Elementor, and Divi Builder, complete management of picture dimensions, hues, padding, and outlines, and anti-“right-click” measures for images.

Global Gallery nulled plugin that are dynamic, adaptable, searchable, and filtered.

Designed to be seen on any platform, Global Gallery nulled plugin can import images from an endless number of sources and has four different gallery layouts and seven different lightboxes. The slider and carousel included are totally functional, and there are many more features as well.

Elaborated Specs

Photo albums without limits Each one may hold thousands of pictures.
Here are four different gallery designs: Typical (with predetermined dimensions for pictures), columnar, masonry, and photostring (with alignment)

Filter and search gallery images using tags.

Converting images into galleries with several design options and six distinct layouts

Lightbox-enabled image slider with flexible dimensions

Multi-column picture carousel with focus on the images themselves, including a lightbox option

Easy-to-use photo album creator with thumbnail cropping and drag-and-drop organisation

Populating galleries and refreshing caches mechanically

Title, author, and upload date are three factors that can mechanically sort images in a gallery. (Note that WP sources are only sorted by date.)

Gallery and collection management systems SEO deeplink generator

Map of Images Hosted Independently

System for managing photos on your own server, including direct folder creation, file upload, and reading and updating of IPTC meta data.

Infinite resources for images

Images hosted on WordPress

Categories and taxonomy-related custom post types in WordPress

Collections, streams, and tags in Flickr

Boards on Pinterest

The concept of Google Drive

Organising Your Real Player Media

Gallery Plugin for the Next Generation

Online diaries using Tumblr

Personal image hosting

Basically any RSS feed (including, with Zapier, Facebook and Instagram)

Incorporating gallery functionality (including sliders, carousels, and picture galleries) into a WordPress site

There are seven pre-assembled lightboxes. Each one is tailored to the individual’s tastes.

exclusive LC lightbox for Disqus and Facebook comments


Box with lights





Page breaks in pictures

the industry-standard 3-button layout

Manual or automatic infinite scrolling

Push-buttons with corresponding numbers


Collections of Artwork with a Sorting Interface

More than 1.6 hundred icons to enhance your filters

Image captions with optional explanatory text

Each gallery may have a unique cover photo, if desired.

Gallery pagination for collections

You may choose between full-screen, bar-style, or no-overlay modes.

There are four available images to use as a supplementary overlay.

Add a variety of filters and adjustments to your images at the click of a button.

System for watermarking images

Incorporation of WEBP image support (through LC Lightbox)

WEBP optimisation for thumbnails (through Easy WP Thumbs) is an option.

Fully fluid and can conform to any shape.

Simple short-code generator

Integrity with WPBakery, Elementor, and Divi Builder

Complete management of picture dimensions, hues, padding, and outlines

Pagination parameters that may be overridden by a shortcode

Each gallery’s picture dimensions may be set individually.

Easy 1-click configuration, including 8 predefined looks

Global caching reduces server demand and saves on bandwidth.

Anti-“right-click” measures for images


  • Keep in mind that the plugin cannot be responsive without a responsive theme.
  • The total number of photographs that may be fetched by social media platforms is governed by their policies.
  • If your server is running PHP 8.0 or later, you may take advantage of Google’s integration.
  • To use Watermarker, your server must allow reading and writing.

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