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Cost & Reports is a WooCommerce extension that allows users to easily add purchase prices, costs, and cost of goods to products and variations. It features a user-friendly table editor for bulk updates, allowing users to stay informed on inventory status, sales value, total profit, and calculated retail values and profit margins. Key features include profit and revenue analysis, a powerful table editor for bulk updates, a dynamic price selector, comprehensive reporting, visual indicators, enhanced filters, export capabilities, customizable reporting fields, and compatibility with products, variations, subscriptions, cost of goods, Bulk Table Editor, Order Status Manager, and more.

The table editor allows users to display individual and total cost values, retail values, and profits, search and filter data, customize their view, sort data by column, highlight on-sale items, and export data to CSV or.xlsx files. Cost & Reports also offers bulk functions for most of its columns, allowing users to make changes across multiple rows with just a few clicks.

The extension also allows users to adjust prices to include VAT and convert them to regular prices without extra work. The extension offers the option to select “Regular price inc. VAT” or “Regular price ex. VAT” and choose between displaying the current price in inc. VAT or ex. VAT. The plugin automatically calculates the value at cost, retail value, and profit for users.

Cost & Reports is a powerful plugin that allows users to easily refine and narrow down their search based on various key metrics, such as purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, markup, price, stock, value at cost, retail value, or profit. The plugin also offers reports per order, which shows all sales in a date range, with options to set your own range using date selectors or predefined ranges.

Reports by customer provide more information about orders by customers, including name, company, email, phone, shipping, order total, total tax, items purchased, currency, country, and payment method. The plugin also offers a “search in rows” filter for filtering products/variations, automatically updating averages, best sellers, totals, and more.

Live reports provide an automatic counter for new orders and the option to update the reports automatically. Cost & Reports adds history to order items, adding cost of goods and purchase price to each order line when customers purchase products. This ensures historically correct profits are shown in extension reports.

Export reports can be downloaded (.csv) or exported as a table, allowing users to filter and sort data. If the plugin already uses the cost of goods field for products, users can enter this value for cost of goods in related calculations. Additionally, the plugin allows users to use the Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce to set up sales in the same category.

In summary, Cost & Reports is a powerful tool for WooCommerce store owners looking to increase profits and control their finances. It allows users to add purchase price, cost, and cost of goods to products and variations, calculate and view retail value, value at cost, and profit, access sales reports, and export reports for further analysis.

Cost & Reports nulled plugin  Control Your Store’s Profitability Using Costs and Reports
Gain extensive insights into the income and earnings of your WooCommerce plugin shop. You can now easily add purchase prices, costs, and cost of goods to items and variants with the Cost & Reports extension. Bulk changes are made simple with a user-friendly table editor. Keep track of inventory status, sales value, and overall profit, as well as computed retail values and profit margins.

Cost & Reports Highlights:

Cost & Reports nulled plugin  Profit & Revenue Analysis: Examine real profitability, not merely bestsellers, all the way down to the product or variant level.
Table Editor: Add/update expenses, profit margins, pricing, and stock in bulk.
View the retail value, value at cost, and profit at specified prices (including VAT) with the Dynamic Price Selector.
Access extensive information on orders, customers, and items, as well as live counter updates and bestselling insights.
Indicators Visible: Easily distinguish between sale goods with a gold border and prices including of VAT with blue lettering.
Enhanced Filters: For numeric columns, use range filters to search by date ranges, earnings, net sales, and more.
Export Capabilities: Export reports as.csv or.xlsx files for additional analysis in applications such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.
Customizable Reporting Fields: For a more personalized report, include company, role, weight, and even two custom order fields.
Compatible with items, variants, subscriptions, cost of goods, Bulk Table Editor, Order Status Manager, and other features.
Cost & Reports will help your WooCommerce enterprise. Accurately assess the health of your shop, make smart price changes, and generate increased profitability. English, German, and Norwegian versions are available.

Table Editor Costs and Reports – Editor Homepage

The sophisticated table editor in Cost & Reports allows you to rapidly update and maintain critical product information in bulk. With a few clicks, you can easily change the purchase price, cost, delivery cost, cost of products, Markup, Price, and Stock. Cost & Reports generates appropriate pricing based on item costs and markups.

The table editor allows you to:

Cost & Reports nulled plugin  To improve financial visibility, display individual and overall cost values, retail values, and profits.
Easily search and filter data with a variety of options, including a handy range filter for numeric columns.NEW
You may personalize your view by displaying or concealing ID and SKU information.
Sort data by column with ease, allowing for quick data analysis.
Highlights your on-sale goods in the price column with a beautiful gold border.
Export data as CSV files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers, or save the full table as an.xlsx file.

Bulk Functions Are Easily Accessible!
Cost and Reports – Bulk Operations

Did you realize that most of the columns in Cost & Reports include bulk functions? This means you can make adjustments to several rows with a few mouse clicks.

Assume you wish to boost the “other cost” figure for all goods by 10. Simply enter 10 in the input area, choose “increase fixed amount,” and watch Cost & Reports add 10 to each row. The value is then added to the cost of items by our plugin, which offers a new price for each commodity.

If you agree with the revised pricing, just click the “save all” button, and the changes will be made to the goods you’ve chosen. But what if your new price is a number like 12.37 and you want to round it up to a more accurate amount like 12.40? Not a problem! Cost & Reports has a round function that adjusts the price to the figure you choose. The markup is then adjusted automatically to reflect your new pricing.

Cost and purchase price should be included from the product page.

You may include the purchase price and cost of goods on the product page or on each version of the product. Cost & Reports has a bulk editing option that allows you to make changes to several items and variants at once. Whether you want to change the purchase price or the cost of items, the editor makes it simple with a few clicks.

Calculations of prices and cost/profit

As a merchant, you must have complete control over your product price, including VAT changes. You can quickly alter pricing to incorporate VAT and convert them to ordinary rates using Cost & Reports.

The plugin provides the option to pick “Regular price inc. VAT,” which automatically transforms the price in the New price column to normal price ex. VAT. This functionality enables you to easily create your selling pricing such as $19.90 (inc. VAT).

You may also pick normal pricing ex. VAT (the default) and choose whether to show the current price of your items inc. VAT or ex. VAT. When a product is ON SALE, the price field is emphasized with a gold border.

Pricing your items has never been simpler using Cost & Reports. The plugin computes the value at cost, retail value, and profit for you. Prices that contain VAT are presented in dark blue, whereas prices that do not include VAT are printed in black.

Filtering by Range

The sophisticated range filter in Cost & Reports enables you to easily refine and restrict your search based on a variety of critical indicators. Whether you’re interested in the purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of products, Markup, Price, stock, value at cost, retail value, or profit, our simple pick dropdown box allows you to move between criteria with ease.

Simply choose the appropriate filter, enter the required range, and let Cost & Reports handle the rest. Explore data within precise limits in real time to detect patterns, make educated choices, and improve your store’s performance. If you wish to start again, the reset button clears the filter and returns you to the whole dataset.

Order-Specific Reports

This report view displays all sales within a given date range. You may choose your own range using the date pickers or use one of the established ranges. Order ID (links to the order page), client, role, date, status, amount of things, profit, cost of goods, net sales, and taxes for the specified period are all included in the table. The main values and averages for the time are shown on the right side of the table. There are additional color indications in the table for high and low profit, which may be readily altered in the settings. Filter the reports by order id, customer, role, and date using the “search in rows” option. To allow role-based extensions such as Roles & Rules B2B, the role and company column (option in settings) has been introduced.

Product/Variation Report

The date range selection and download.csv buttons are the same in the products view. This table displays averages first, followed by order id, category (link to modify items in category), product/variation name, SKU, quantity, price (when bought), net sale, and profit (including percent). Sort the columns whichever you like. The top products by quantity and profit are shown on the right side of the table. Also included are significant numbers and averages from the chosen time period.

Customer Reports

This report is designed to provide you with more information on client orders. If you need to contact the client or export this information, you can easily locate the name, firm, e-mail, and phone number here. Shipping, order amount, total tax, products bought, currency, country, and payment method are all shown. To sum up values for a consumer or a corporation, use the row filter.

Automatic computations and row search

To obtain your pick of products/variations in the Products report, use the “search in rows” filter. When filtering your product reports, you may utilize order id, category, product, and SKU. When you filter, the plugin updates averages, top sellers, totals, and other metrics so you can easily see your gross sales and profit for your pick.

Live updates

The reports now include an automated counter for new orders, and you may update the reports automatically (option in options). You may use this view as a live report, for example, to examine how the numbers and sold goods change during the day.

Order Items Added to History
History of order lines for CYP

When clients buy your items, Cost & Reports automatically adds the cost of goods and the purchase price to each order line. This means you’ll be able to view and alter the price you paid for the item as well as the cost of goods when you sell it. This implies that the extension reports will reflect historically accurate earnings. (The cost of products and the purchase price on order items are for internal use only.)

Reports for Export

There are two export buttons: Download (.csv) and Export table. The first retrieves all of your data from the database, whereas the Export table just exports what is visible in the table. This means you may filter and sort, and when your selection is complete, just click export to get an.xlsx file. This opens in both Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. The export result is shown in the picture below.



Do You Currently Use Cost of Goods for Your Products?
If you already have a cost of goods field for your items, go to settings > integration and input the cost of goods field; Cost & Reports will utilize this number for cost of goods in associated calculations. If you do not have this plugin, Cost & Reports will build a cost of goods field that will be utilized on all of your items by default. The documentation has further information about this integration.

Using WooCommerce’s Bulk Table Editor?
If you work with pricing in one category and wish to set up sales, the “set up sales” link will take you to the Bulk Table Editor, where you may set up sales in the same category. More information about your pricing and profits will allow you to make more informed selections when setting up sales for your items. Integration occurs automatically.

Cost & Reports gives you comprehensive control over your store’s profitability and income.
Cost & Reports is an extremely comprehensive plugin that provides you with the tools you need to make better educated price choices and monitor your profitability in great detail. You may use Cost & Reports to:

To your items and variants, add the buying price, cost, and cost of goods.
Calculate and display retail value, value at cost, and profit automatically.
Access useful sales figures that reflect your real revenues and income, rather than merely blockbusters.
Reports may be easily exported for additional examination.
Cost & Reports is the ideal option for every WooCommerce business owner looking to gain financial control and enhance earnings.

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