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The Product Importer plugin is a WooCommerce extension that allows users to import products from over 100 marketplace websites into their store in just one click. This allows users to sell the imported product as their own or as an affiliate. The plugin also allows users to add new or update existing product information by providing an existing product ID. The data that can be imported includes name, SKU, short description, description, weight, dimension, price, images, video, brand, categories, variations, attributes/features, and customer reviews.

The extension works on various marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, Shein, Allegro, Trendyol, Mercadolibre, Wildberries.ru, Target, Americanas, Lazada, Hepsiburada, Wish, Wayfair, Etsy, Shopee, Bol, Coupang, Emag, Manomano, Myntra, Otto, Overstock, Tiki, Takealot, Spartoo, Shoptime, Rueducommerce, Reverb, Pontofrio, Noon, Netshoes, Kaufland, Jumia, Houzz, Gittigidiyor, G2a, and more. It also supports other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Amazon.com, which allow users to import products and sell them as their own or as affiliates.

The plugin also supports other marketplaces like Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, Shein, Allegro, Trendyol, Mercadolibre, Wildberries.ru, Target, Americanas, Lazada, Hepsiburada, Wish, Wayfair, Etsy, Shopee, Bol, Coupang, Emag, Manomano, Myntra, Otto, Overstock, Tiki, Takealot, Spartoo, Snapdeal, Shoptime, Rueducommerce, Reverb, Pontofrio, Noon, Netshoes, Kaufland, Jumia, and more.

In summary, the Product Importer plugin allows users to import products from over 100 marketplace websites into their WooCommerce store with just one click. This allows users to sell the imported products as their own or as an affiliate, and add new or update existing product information using an existing product ID.

Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate nulled plugin Import items straight from Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart, and other 100+ marketplace websites into your woocommerce store with one click and sell them as your own or as an affiliate.
The Product Importer plugin allows you to quickly import any product from the 100+ marketplace websites supported by this extension into your WooCommerce shop and sell it as your own or as an affiliate. By giving an existing product ID, you may also add new/update existing product information. You may import the following data:

Name SKU
Description Short Description
Dimensional Weight Price Images
Variations in Video Brand Categories
Customer Feedback
The extension is compatible with the following marketplace websites: Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au, Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate nulled plugin Amazon.com.br, Amazon.ca, Amazon.cn, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.in, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.nl, Amazon.es, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ae, Amazon.sa, Amazon.se, Amazon.pl,

ebay.ca, ebay.cn, ebay.fr, ebay.de, ebay.ie, ebay.it, ebay.com.hk, ebay.com.my, ebay.nl, ebay.ph, ebay.pl, ebay.com.sg, ebay.es, ebay.ch, ebay.co.uk, ebay.vn

www.aliexpress.com, id.aliexpress.com, ar.aliexpress.com, de.aliexpress.com, es.aliexpress.com, fr.aliexpress.com, it.aliexpress.com, ja.aliexpress.com, ko.aliexpress.com, nl.aliexpress.com, pt.aliexpress.com, ru.aliexpress.com, th.aliex

Walmart.com, super.walmart.com.mx, walmart.com.mx, walmart.ca, and other websites


Shein.com, fr.shein.com, ca.shein.com, il.shein.com, au.shein.com, de.shein.com, ru.shein.com, eur.shein.com, br.shein.com, asia.shein.com, cl.shein.com, id.shein.com, it.

Trendyol.com, Allegro.pl

Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate nulled plugin Mercadolibre.com, Mercadolibre.com.ar, Mercadolibre.com.bo, Mercadolivre.com.br, Mercadolibre.cl, Mercadolibre.com.co, Mercadolibre.co.cr, Mercadolibre.com.do, Mercadolibre.com.ec,

kz.wildberries.ru, am.wildberries.ru, ee.wildberries.ru, lv.wildberries.ru, it.wildberries.ru, md.wildberries.ru, us.wildberries.ru, wildberries.fr, it.wildberries.eu, wildberries.es, de.wildberries.eu, wildberries.co.il wildberries.ua, ee.wildberries.ru, sk.wildberries.eu

Americanas.com.br, Target.com

Lazada.com, Lazada.vn, Lazada.com.my, Lazada.co.th, Lazada.sg, Lazada.com.ph, Lazada.co.id, Lazada.vn, Lazada.vn, Lazada.vn, Lazada.vn, Lazada

Wish.com, Hepsiburada.com

Wayfair.com, Wayfair.ca, Wayfair.co.uk, Wayfair.de, and other websites

Jd.com, Etsy.com

Shopee.com, Shopee.co.id, Shopee.tw, Shopee.vn, Shopee.co.th, Shopee.ph, Shopee.com.my, Shopee.sg, Shopee.com.br, Shopee.com.mx, Shopee.com.co, Shopee.cl, Shopee.pl, Shopee.es,

Bol.com, Coupang.com, and others

emag.ro, emag.bg, emag.hu, emag.ro, emag.ro, emag.

www.manomano.com, www.manomano.fr, www.manomano.es, www.manomano.it, www.manomano.co.uk, www.manomano.de

Otto.de, Overstock.com, Tiki.vn, Takealot.com, Myntra.com

Spartoo.com, Spartoo.co.uk, Spartoo.it, Spartoo.es, Spartoo.de, Spartoo.be, de.spartoo.ch, fr.spartoo.ch, it.spartoo.ch, Spartoo.bg, Spartoo.gr, Spartoo.cz, Spartoo.dk, Spartoo.eu, Spartoo.fi,

Shoptime.com.br, Rueducommerce.fr, Reverb.com, Pontofrio.com.br, Noon.com, Netshoes.com.br, Kaufland.de, etc.

Jumia.com.ng, jumia.dz, jumia.sn, jumia.com.eg, jumia.com.tn, jumia.com.gh, jumia.ug, jumia.ci, jumia.co.za, jumia.co.ke,


Houzz.com, Houzz.co.uk, and other similar websites

G2a.com, Gittigidiyor.com

www.fruugo.com, www.fruugo.ie, www.fruugoaustralia.comfruugo.com, fruugo.at, and fruugobahrain.com, fruugo.be, fruugo.ca, and fruugochina.com are other examples., fruugo.cz, fruugo.dk, fruugo.fi, fruugo.fr, fruugo.gr, and fruugoindia.com are other examples., fruugo.hu, fruugo.ie, fruugo.co.il, fruugo.it, fruugo.jp, fruugo.lu, fruugo.my, fruugo.nl, fruugo.co.nz, fruugo.no, fruugo.ph, fruugo.pl, fruugo.pt, fruugo.qwww.fruugo.sg, www.fruugo.sk, www.fruugo.co.za, www.fruugo.kr, www.fruugo.es, www.fruugo.se, www.fruugoschweiz.com, fruugo.com.tr, fruugo.ae, fruugo.co.uk, and others

Darty.com, Farfetch.com, Falabella.com, Extra.com.br

Dafiti.com.br, Dafiti.com.ar, Dafiti.com.co, Dafiti.cl, Dafiti.cl, Dafiti.cl, Dafiti.cl, Dafiti

Conforama.fr, Casasbahia.com.br, Bukalapak.com, Blibli.com, and more websites

www.bestbuy.com, www.bestbuy.ca


www.abebooks.com, www.abebooks.co.uk, www.abebooks.fr, www.abebooks.de, www.abebooks.it

Wehkamp.nl, Zattini.com.br, Digitec.ch, Chewy.com

www.costco.com and www.costco.com.mx,

Samsclub.com and samsclub.com.mx,

uk.banggood.com, au.banggood.com, nl.banggood.com, it.banggood.com, ru.banggood.com, es.banggood.com, pt.banggood.com, jp.banggood.com, ar.banggood.com, de.banggood.com, tr.banggood.com, hu.

Catch.com.au, Sears.com, Kmart.com, and others

Zalora.com, zalora.co.id, zalora.sg, zalora.com.ph, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com.hk, zalora.com.my, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com

Privalia.com, es.privalia.com, it.privalia.com, and br.privalia.com are all domain names.

Veepee.nl, Grailed.com, Zozo.jp, Patpatwholesale.com, Tashaapparel.com, Defacto.com.tr, Lcwaikiki.com.tr, Ironitekstil.com.tr, Patirti.com, Armaganoyuncak.com.

Frankonia.com, frankonia.de, frankonia.fr, frankonia.at, frankoniamoda.ch, frankonia-b2b.com, frankonia-b2c.com, frankonia-b2c.com, frankonia-b2c

Aeropostale.com, Theiconic.com.au, Aukro.cz, Sendo.vn, Magazineluiza.com.br, Livelarq.com, Argos.co.uk, Submarino.com.br, Shopping.google.com, Screwfix.com, Aeropostale.com, Theiconic.com.au, Theiconic.com.au, Theiconic.com.au, Theiconic.com.au, Theic

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Simple to set up and utilize
Credential-based import security
There are several data import possibilities.
While importing, you may use the advanced settings functionality to manage your imported items.
Simple product import from any website supported by the plugin Products will be imported as specified options into your WooCommerce shop in only one click.
Import products as Simple, Variable, or Affiliate.
Chrome plugin for free
This extension is based on the Chrome extension, which you can get here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/advanced-importer/fnckhcfokjndphlmkpoihcjmcpghcofh

This plugin imports all potential product data in the same format as the source is accessible on the internet, therefore you may need to make some small manual changes based on your needs.
Case Study: To use this plugin, just follow the easy steps below: 1. Install the plugin in WooCommerce and access the plugin setup page via the Plugins page or the Products > Importer setup menu item in your admin panel. 2. After installing the Chrome extension, you will see that the login page needs the Import link and Secret key to join. 3. Copy the Import link and Secret key from your admin panel’s plugin setup page and paste them into the Chrome extension text field before connecting. If everything goes well, the extension will connect and the Import Options in Chrome extension will appear instead of the connection form. 4. Go to any Amazon product page and click on the Import icon displayed in the Chrome extension’s bottom right corner; you may alter any attributes if required. If everything goes as planned, you will get a success message and the product will be imported into your WooCommerce plugin store. You may also view this training video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6-h5ffQBrM for a better understanding. Only once you have completed all of the procedures will you be able to import items from step 4 the following time. If you see any error messages during steps 3 and 4, please contact us so that we can investigate and resolve the issue.

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