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Jannah is a nulled WordPress theme designed for content marketing, featuring responsive designs, powerful features, and lifetime free upgrades. It offers real-world features like ‘Select & Share, native GIF support, and web-based push notifications. Jannah also excels in SEO, with features like lazy load, a miniized version for JS, and a built-in cache. It also supports Yoast SEO, Rank Math Plugins, HTML SEO, and SEO Rich Snippet support for add-ons like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos. Jannah also includes a built-in cache plugin, WP Super Cache, allowing users to set up discussion forums within their WordPress site. The theme also includes over 800 Google Fonts and 150 FontFace.me fonts, making it easy to customize layouts. Jannah also offers full integration with industry-standard platforms like MailChimp and Feedburner, allowing users to create an email distribution list and create landing pages, homepages, and CTAs. With over 20 demo designs, Jannah provides a comprehensive site design, including pages, menu frameworks, and demo content. It also includes a stylish BuddyPress design and a drag-and-drop page builder for easy customization. Jannah is a WordPress theme that offers a unique Page Builder, Ajax Filters, and Pagination for maximum performance and user experience. It features TieLabs Theme Options panel, which allows for customization of styling, typography, and sidebars. Jannah is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and AMP and offers multiple skins, over 800+ Google Fonts, and over 150+ FontFace Fonts. It also supports web push notifications and offers customizable widgets, including social counters, social widgets, and post list widgets. Jannah is compatible with popular plugins like BuddyPress and Google AdSense, ensuring seamless store building and customization.

Jannah nulled theme has you covered for Content Marketing with new responsive designs, incredible new features, comprehensive 1-click website demonstrations, and lifetime free upgrades.

3 Powerful reasons to chose Jannah

  • TieLabs, the team behind the No. 1 Selling News theme, Sahifa, has been working on this project for more than a year.
  • Real-world features include ‘Select & Share, native GIF support, and web-based push notifications.
  • Mobile navigation for today’s smartphones PLUS powerful AJAX megamenus integrated in

Jannah nulled theme turns the world of desktop publishing on its head in today’s current era of content marketing with a gorgeous design, new layout possibilities, modern sharing tools, and the integration of the most popular WordPress plugins for maximum flexibility.

Of course, Jannah nulled theme has a completely responsive design that not only adjusts to all of today’s current devices, but also reacts to the most recent mobile devices for swipeable information.

It also seems to think for you, with clever menu elements that adapt to the user’s device to offer the greatest, most seamless experience possible while viewing your material.

Jannah nulled theme also excels in SEO, with content and review Schema to enable snippet views from lengthy content.

Optimized with full support for the popular Yoast SEO and Rank Math Plugins to increase traffic from Google and BING Search, as well as HTML SEO support to allow search engines to pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements, and SEO Rich Snippet support for add-ons like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos.

Jannah nulled theme has cranked up the pace with various innovative innovations behind the scenes to offer you genuinely blazing page load times and overall website performance.

  • Lazy Load – Means images load when the user requires it.
  • Minified Version for JS – works the same as jquery.js but is smaller in size for your production website.
  • Minified CSS Resources – removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments.
  • Built-in Cache to reduce DB Queries.
  • Compatabile with the popular cache plugin WP Super Cache.

The WordPress designers’ industry best practice forum software for WordPress This means you can be certain that you can quickly set up discussion forums inside your WordPress site.

It’s simple to control, quick, and clean, and it’s all handled via a single central account with a One-Click setup.

Jannah nulled theme provides easy-to-update Skins with Light, Dark, and everything in between available for you to go Dark or keep it Light and fluffy.

Jannah nulled theme includes over 800 Google Fonts and +150 FontFace.me fonts, so you’re likely to discover one that fits you.

Nothing has to be updated or installed; everything is already installed.

Who doesn’t like a good GIF meme?

GIFs are critical to the success of massive viral sites nowadays, and you must be able to handle them natively, with no tinkering, extensions, or plugins required.

Jannah nulled theme natively supports GIF pictures for an excellent end-user experience.

Bordered, Fullwidth, Boxed, Masonry, or straight up One Column are all options. Layouts are the basis of how your site will appear, and having a flexible way to move them about and evaluate how they match with your content is essential.

Including hotspots in your content that allow visitors to jump to a particular place in long-form material is an excellent method to improve navigation.

With a massive site packed with plenty of high-quality material, a killer menu is essential. A good menu should attract readers to stay, look at other pages, and always feel like they know where they are.

Leave no stone untouched with a dynamic selection of intriguing menu alternatives that are guaranteed to surpass your expectations with our Ajax-driven mega-menus.

Make your new site stand out from the crowd with beautifully designed, customizable mobile navigation. Off-canvas, you may change the backdrop to a solid color, a gradient, or an image. Change the color and activate or disable the Social Icons and Search Form.

This is a fantastic feature that we know you will enjoy. With Jannah and ‘Select and Share,’ the end user has complete control over the sharing mechanism.

All they have to do is highlight the copy or key point they wish to share, and Jannah nulled theme will instantly identify this as the Social Media share feature, complete with a pop-up window that displays the sharing choices you have enabled.

Create an email distribution list!

Because everyone understands that your email list is your most potent marketing weapon in today’s world, Jannah offers full integration with industry-standard platforms like MailChimp and Feedburner.

Capture leads, grow your mailing list, and the world is your oyster!

A well-designed Landing Page, Homepage, or CTA should engage and drive users to take action. A dynamic feel—backdrops that scroll with text or utilize a full-page background for dramatic effect—is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Jannah nulled theme has a fully comprehensive site design ready for you, with over 20 new demo designs ready to go and more being built all the time.

Find a sample that best represents your style and feel, then use our One-Click sample Import function to quickly get your design up and running. Simply update with your own material and edit as desired from there.

What is the point of putting so much work into a top-tier content marketing site, blog, or news site if you can’t monetize it? Not on today’s web, sweetie.

That is why Jannah is not just WooCommerce-geared for all of your eCommerce requirements, but there are also pre-defined Ad places!

Set aside space for partners or affiliates, or auction off a full-page takeover to the highest bidder. With the most popular ad block sizes pre-programmed, all you have to do is copy your AdSense code over, and you’re done! Jannah handles everything else.

Improve the user experience with a fully integrated social media community or network built in with a stylish BuddyPress Design.

You may also opt to include Notifications into your menu for that real-time social vibe that keeps visitors coming back for more, which is built into the Jannah template so it appears just like the rest of your design.

With over 20 demonstrations to choose from, each demo is a fully working website with Pages, Menu frameworks, and Demo Content meant to take the hard work out of constructing your site.

Choose a demo and install it with a single click, then update with your own material and sit back and savor the benefits. We are certain that you will discover something you like among the styles of Automotive, Hotels, Pets, School, News, Sports, Video, and Fashion.

Nothing beats a well-written Header. Jannah’s intricate layouts based on visual design concepts help bring out the daring in you. Take your design to the next level with a variety of header designs that are only limited by your creativity.

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media photo-sharing platforms. Integrating your website with your Instagram newsfeed of fantastic material is essential for a successful news, blog, magazine, or fashion website.

Jannah’s Instagram widget allows you to choose from a variety of layouts to fit your requirements; just enter your handle, choose a style, and tell Jannah where to display it; no coding is necessary.

Jannah nulled theme has a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to personalize your design in blocks with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Building unique layouts has become a prominent design issue in recent years, and Jannah proudly provides a unique Page Builder built in to recognize this. With a plethora of fun blocks to get you started, you can add the power of Ajax Filters and Pagination to your site for maximum performance and user experience.

All from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard. How awesome is that?

You will like the TieLabs Theme Options panel in Jannah. Because it is so thorough but easy to use, you retain complete control over your design choices inside a basic WordPress environment while making complicated modifications with the press of a button.

Jannah’s Theme Options Panel allows you to experiment with styling, typography, share buttons, sidebars, and much more.

The theme is fully prepared for translation into any language using po and mo files, and you can quickly translate it using the built-in Translation panel.

Jannah nulled theme is completely compatible with the WPML Multilingual Plugin, allowing you to build multilingual websites.

Creating video playlists for users is an excellent strategy to lower your bounce rate and keep people on your site for longer. It’s that easy, and it’s completely integrated with Jannah’s backend.

Set them up, and you’ll have a gorgeously flowing block with a scrolling list that’s simple to access and use, and your visitors will never have to leave your site again.

Our real-time Animated Weather Widget is a stunning feature that is unique to Jannah and something we are really proud of at TieLabs. Allow your users to set up a location and show real-time weather for the day and week ahead, much like the familiar experience of a mobile application.

Web Push notifications enable your users to subscribe to regular updates from your website. With Live Notifications, you can really offer them a reason to stay! It’s just another fantastic feature incorporated into Jannah that will have you shrieking for me. This is a marketer’s fantasy!

Setting up your necessary Widgets may be a boring requirement at times, which is why we took the tedium out of Jannah for you by providing a number of ready-to-go custom widgets that we know will check all of your boxes.

Everything is designed to fit perfectly inside the design you choose.

Choose from 12 different Social Counters, Social Widgets, and Post List Widgets to create the appealing homepage look you’ve always wanted.

  • Social Counters – show all important Subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers and more with Jannah’s built in Social Counter Widget
  • Social Widgets – Subscribers, Instagram, SoundCloud, Flickr, Google+, Dribble, Facebook and much more to complete your digital ecosystem
  • Post List Widgets – show Recent content, Most Viewed Content, Popular Posts and more with a specific widget fit for duty.

Jannah nulled theme has you covered, whether you need something complicated with Smart Filters to enable consumers to explore deep into a massive inventory of clothes and accessories or something simple that looks wonderfully exquisite on mobile.

Designed with WooCommerce at its core so that you can take full advantage of the extensive expanded capabilities it provides, you can be certain that every decision you make along the road will work flawlessly.

With Jannah by your side, you can confidently build your store.

Features list

  • Gutenberg Support./li>
  • AMP integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • bbPress integration
  • BuddyPress integration
  • Multiple Skins
  • Over 20+ demos
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Over 800+ Google Fonts
  • Over 150+ FontFace Fonts
  • Unlimited Footer Layouts
  • Unlimited Headers Layouts
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Jump-To Content
  • Multiple Content Layouts
  • Monetization
  • Mega Menus
  • Amazing Page Builder
  • Responsive Design
  • 100% RTL Support: Arabic, Hebrew. Persian/Farsi, Urdu
  • WPML Multilingual Plugin Compatible
  • Built-in Translation Panel
  • Animated Weather Widgets
  • GIF Support
  • Bundled Premium Plugins
  • BuddyPress Design
  • Instagram Widget
  • Stunning Video Playlists
  • Web Notifications
  • Responsive Google AdSense
  • Dark Skin
  • Schema SEO Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Sticky Navigation Menu
  • Supports Multiple page post
  • Custom Categories Logo, Colors and Background
  • Sticky Sidebars
  • Unlimited sidebar
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Customizable OFF-canvas Mobile Navigation
  • Ajax Live Search
  • 45+ Pre-Defined Background Patterns
  • Built In Custom Widgets
  • Compatible with the most popular Cryptocurrency Plugins


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