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CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables 11.5 NULLED Plugin

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WordPress offers a variety of CSS3 web pricing tables with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions. The admin panel includes live configuration, a responsive mode configurator, and numerous table, column, row, and cell options. The table features sliding column, expandable row, active (popped-up) column, hover state, active (popped-up) row, active (popped-up) cell, active (popped-up) cell, ribbons for columns, tick or cross-i icon, and active (popped-up) cell. The control panel offers real-time adjustments, 2 distinct table designs, 20 standard color schemes, customizable response time, step size, and distance, and customizable column widths and font sizes. The table also has infinite rows and columns, simple up-and-down arrows for expanding or contracting the number of columns, and customizable column widths. The admin panel allows for text alignment in columns, and the table supports 20 default configuration examples. The plugin is fully compatible with IE9+Internet Explorer 6-8 and is compatible with IE9+Internet Explorer 6-8.

CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables NULLED Plugin in 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions; an extensive admin panel with live configuration; a responsive mode configurator; numerous table, column, row, and cell options; sliding column feature; expandable row feature; active (popped-up) column; hover state; active (popped-up) column; active (popped-up) row; active (popped-up) cell; active (popped-up) cell; ribbons for columns; tick or cross-i icon; and active (popped-up) cell

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A Sneak Peek at the Control Panel
Preview the video for price lists.

List of Additional Functions

Totally valid CSS+HTML, a user-friendly control panel with real-time adjustments (your table will be ready in a matter of minutes),

2 Distinct Table Designs,

20 Standard Color Schemes,

ability to Switch on Adaptive Mode,

Customizable Response Time, Step Size, and Distance,

Column widths and font sizes may be individually adjusted for each responsive mode.

The Font Configurator Offers a Variety of Font Faces to Pick from.

You Can Create As Many Tables As You Like On Our website.

Infinite Rows And Columns,

Simple up-and-down arrows for expanding or contracting the number of columns or rows,

Quickly hide or disable multiple columns from the admin panel.

Option to have one or more columns always visible (popped up),

Change the Width of Each Column Via the Control Panel.

Columns’ widths may be adjusted in pixels or as a percentage.

Adjustable Row Spacing and Height Settings on the Control Panel.

The Admin Panel Allows for Text Alignment in Columns.

Collapse/Expand Columns,

Table rows may be expanded or collapsed to display or hide them.

Columns with disabled Hover States,

Includes CSS3 Hints and Tooltips,

Arranging Data in Tables,

20 Default Configuration Examples,

42 Icons of Checkmarks and Crosses to Pick From,

There Are Sixty Ribbons available.

The Capability to Import and Export Table Data and Configuration Settings

Simple [css3_grid] Shortcode for Easy Incorporation,

WordPress MU-Ready, Multi-Site Ready,

Ability to Label Individual or Multiple Columns with Ribbons,

When this option is selected, only plugin files will be loaded.

In-House Documentation is provided.

Assistive Browsers

Complete Compatibility with Firefox 3.5 and Later
Complete Compatibility with Opera 11 and Later

Complete Compatibility with Safari 5 and Later

Chrome is Totally supported.

Full Support for IE9+

Internet Explorer 6–8 Does Not Support Shadows or Rounded Corners

It’s Valid to Use This item.

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